We are all connected in the most beautiful way. Regardless of your beliefs, we come from one source and that in and of itself, is divine.

In some ways we are different, but in so many ways we are the same.

Human nature has the basic need for socialization, love, sex, food, and health. Our mental, emotional, and physical health should be the forefront of all issues to be appeased.

When we function in a state of mind where we are happy and healthy we are capable of connecting to nature, family, and social circles. When we are able to think with clarity we can make positive decisions that will impact the earth and all things on her with respect.

Whether you choose a God, or Gods, or Goddesses, the universe, the Earth, or nothing at all to be the center or your faith in humanity, being in a neutral or positive state of mind and life can only attribute to peace in our world.

And peace in our world is all that Sacred Sisters BB is about.

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